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Blockchain One of Most Needed Job Skills in 2020

A report by LinkedIn found that blockchain will be one of the most in-demand hard skills employers will be looking for in 2020. 
Rather than focusing on soft skills and how individuals work together, hard skills focus on what we are working on. As the
technology continues to rapidly evolve, demand for the people who know how to apply blockchain is also increasing.   As with any significant technological disruption, it’s taken the business world some time to adapt to blockchain, and although
there is only a small supply of professionals who have the skill in their wheelhouse, they are, needless to say, increasingly in
demand.   The LinkedIn post recognizes the potential for blockchain as “huge” stating:  “Blockchain has emerged from the once shadowy world of cryptocurrency to become a business solution in search of problems.
Which means that you don’t have to be in financial services to be seeking new hires who have background and expertise in
putting blockchain to use. So, recruiters sh…